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Summit County Search and Rescue Membership

Applicants for Search and Rescue Membership must meet the following minimum qualifications.

– (A) 18 years of age

– (B) High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)

– (C) Resident of Summit County .

– (D) Possess a valid Utah Drivers License

– (E) U.S. Citizenship

– (F) Never convicted of any felony, or misdemeanor involving violence or substance abuse.

– (G) Pass a physical, or certification of good physical condition, from a qualified private physician.

– (H) Not suffering from any mental illness that would impair normal reason and judgment.

– (I) Complete FEMA NIMS IS100.c online and provide a copy of the certificate of completion within 6 months of application acceptance.

- (J) Must pass a FBI Identity History Summary Check to be accepted for membership.

- (K) Upon submission of the application, all applicants for Search & Rescue membership shall be required to undergo a chemical screen test to determine the presence of chemical substances in the body. This test will be scheduled, and paid for by Summit County.

*Please Note: Although Summit County Search and Rescue accepts applications for membership throughout the year, new member interviews and training are only conducted once yearly in January.

*All Summit County Search and Rescue Members serve at the discretion and pleasure of the Summit County Sheriff.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Search and Rescue team please fill out an application and return it to:

Summit County Sheriff’s Office
Attention Lieutenant Alan Siddoway
6300 Justice Center Road
Park City, UT 84098


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